Candra Ward also known as “Ask Candra” is a sought after hair stylist, speaker and educator and contributes her blessings to God. With a Cosmetology license held in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Florida, in addition to being a licensed Beauty Educator, Candra has gained an abundance of knowledge, wisdom, and experience over her 22 years in the industry.

​Great client attention is one of Candra’s strong points.. Her diligence and perseverance in her craft of hair, exudes an aura of elegance and creativity. One thing she absolutely loves to do is make women feel beautiful inside and out by creating a canvas of simplicity but yet appeal.

​Candra who is originally from Philadelphia moved to South Florida a few years ago. Her passion for beauty and enthusiasm for inspiring others is what makes her stand out when it comes to her approach with each client she encounters. She understands that building relationships and being transparent creates the framework for trust.

​Healthy hair and staying current with the latest trends is very important to Candra especially when it comes to making sure her clients are her priority. Special skills like Natural Hair, Precision Cutting and Extensions are her distinct signature and the catalyst that gains attention.

​In addition Candra is a published author of four books with another on the way. Candra contributes the making of her journey to her profession and her clients because it would not have been possible to achieve the experience that she now has.

​”I look forward to meeting new people every day and having the chance to inspire their lives and make them beautiful”